Displays for tile shops and natural stone warehouses

Lights out, curtains up... let’s start really showing off your tiles and natural stone! Thanks to our ingenious displays for tiles; your customers will make the right decision. Design, production and assembly? Just leave it to Redec, no problem.

Your display, your choice

Naturally, you can choose from our wide array of standard point of sale displays for tiles and natural stone. Or we can also produce them to be precisely the way you like. The colours? You can choose. Our displays come in many hues. The size? Again, up to you. We produce displays for tiles and natural stone in small and large quantities, or made-to-measure for your assortment or product offering.

Your tiles are worth showing off!

Your tiles deserve a fitting display. Redec has just that. After a solid preparation, you select the ideal display for your showroom. Modern, or more of a classic style, our displays always are of innovative nature. Moreover, they ensure changes in merchandising run smooth and allow for logistical constraints.

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