Total showroom concept development

However strongly positioned your product, it still needs to be eye-catching. Therefore, your showroom interior deserves plenty of attention. To ensure your client has the best first impression possible, but also to get the best out of your commercial space. Because with a solid presentation, you already are halfway there. So choose for the professionals at Redec. We do it all: the design, the planning and the follow-up of your complete showroom concept. Standard or customised?  Totally up to you. What you want to put in the spotlight, is our starting point.

The design of your showroom starts at Redec

Together, we will thoroughly prepare the design of your showroom. By making detailed sketches of the lay-out. By letting you enjoy a 3D presentation. By executing a colour and light analysis. That way, you will have a perfect idea of what your showroom will look like. Once the design is finalised, we really get going. No need to worry: your showroom design is in good hands with us. Sourcing wooden and steel parts, assembling furniture, providing carpentry for office cabinets and kitchen cupboards, having electricity installed, painting, flooring... Your ideal showroom will become reality in no time.

Shop in the Shop?

The it-trend in the world of showrooms right now. We will develop a fitting concept, based on your product range, suppliers and wholesalers. Right down to the smallest detail.

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